Welcome to Coaching Business Success Club


What is Coaching Business Success Club?

Coaching Business Success Club is a Private Community exclusively for Coaches and Small Business Owners looking to effectively leverage technology and marketing automation to grow their business.

There is a real sense of isolation within the coaching community, particularly in the area of reaching people online, growing their email list, and generating more revenue. They’re not really connected... So it’s been really important to us that this platform is positive, upbeat, and supportive. It’s been amazing to see it grow and to see it really with home for our members.
If you're looking for straight forward "how to..." help and "step-by-step" guidance to better leverage the myriad of technology tools and marketing automation needed to reach more people and to grow your business online, then becoming a member of this community is right for you!


This community is where like minded Coaches gather to learn, share, support, and guide each other, as we all strive to serve more people and make a bigger impact.  It's a community of cooperation, not competition, with the goal for all members to not only grow a thriving business online, but to have a lifestyle friendly business.
In the community, you'll have access to;
  • Weekly Live Website Wednesdays sessions (...and recordings) where we offer free support and Q&A for the Manifestation Technology website products
  • Weekly polls, questions, and challenges that deliver invaluable insights about yourself and your peers, so you can gauge your progress
  • Monthly 'Ask Me Anything' sessions with Robert Anthony Martinez, so you can get your burning business or technology questions answered!
  • Monthly virtual happy hours to meet, greet, and have some fun with your fellow members.  We have perfected connecting with others in a social gathering, which is so important in the virtual world we find ourselves living in today.
  • Ongoing support and help from your fellow Coaches, so you gain the insights of those who have been where you are
  • Ongoing opportunities for you to help and support others, so you can be the person one rung up, explaining to others how you did it...
  • And much more. . .
So, if you’re nurturing the seed to serve other people and truly make a bigger impact, ready to finally move your business forward, or you are determined to push through what’s blocking you from reaching more people online and making your business growth a major priority, then diving into this community is for you.

Your access to the Coaching Business Success Club with all that it offers on an ongoing basis, is yours to enjoy and leverage for as long as you like, as long as you adhere to our Community Guidelines.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you to achieve your goals!